Instamoments (V)



If you aren’t following MEDBLICK via Instagram (@med_blick) yet, here are some of the moments shared  the last weeks.

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Si aún no estás siguiendo MEDBLICK via Instagram (@med_blick), disfrutad de algunos de los momentos compartidos  estas últimas semanas.

Like & share  The Mediterranean side of life!!!


1. Front row at Barcelona Bridal Week     2. Strawbery smoothy breakfast    3. One of my favorite dresses from BBW: Hannibal Laguna


4. Total black look    5. Ready for some meetings     6. Back to “school”… first dy of my online course


7. Love smoothies!!   8. Summer look for a day on the boat!    9. Beauty & spa moments at home with Sabon products


10. Break at the being back home!!    11. Casual day: jeans & curls!    12. lovely handmade pochette from World Family Ibiza

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