This picture makes me feel like I am resting in the rose...there's something about the flow, furl & crisp peaks of the linen...

To create original espaces not only depends on the deco pieces and furniture you choose… sometimes the differente is abou walls!!


Crear espacios originales no solo depende de las piezas decorativas que escojas..muchas veces la diferencia es cuestiĆ³n de paredes!!!

Beautiful idea! Another idea: attach long strips of wallpaper to the wall using clips (the kind you use for huge stacks of paper) and nails.AWESOME wallpaper! I want a street in Sevilla or Bruges or Dublin!WALL PAPERwall texture #wall #decorNot going to lie, If I had he evil Queen's office from Once Upon a Time, I would LOVE it!! This wall paper would be my first step.

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  1. cris says:

    Ideas muy originales y bonitas.

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